Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

The past few days have offered several new options for my research. I was really happy to find that familysearch.org has added the index to the 1892 census for New York. It makes it possible to research Brooklyn. I had browsed images earlier, which was all right for villages, but was overwhelming for a city like Brooklyn.

Yesterday I decided to work on Warren G. Rosevelt. I found a marriage record I didn't have for him through a google search... I love google searching. That led me to see what records were available for New Castle County, Delaware. The Delaware Public Archives http://archives.delaware.gov/ has a great service to provide copies of vital records to genealogists for their older records. I emailed their form with the information and had a reply within a few minutes. I was able to order the death certificate for $10.00 online using a credit card.

Today I went to the local cemetery, Wyuka, to practice taking gravestone pictures in preparation for my trip to NYC in October. I am getting used to the camera and hope I can get what I want from it, or there may be a new digital camera in my future. I am adding the practice pictures to FindAGrave.

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